No one likes to be left out in the cold not even Jocelyn from the cleaning company even though to some people it might seem like it! 

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We have 24/7 support teams and depending on your hosting plan these can be yours for free so choose carefully. 

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Watch this space we are building a good database of small business owners that are all experiencing similar challenges etc... Our founder is currently hassling our coding team to create an online community to we can share the joys and the challenges. 

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All our design plans offer free 15mins of our design teams time to fix any small changes you may have. 

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We have made it super easy and you don't even have to talk to anyone our system will set you through the process.
Laura wants our next client to be a hairdresser in New York, Is that you?

Lets face it we all sometimes

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Below are some of the questions we get asked regularly so to save you the time of typing a question and our teams time answering it we thought it would be easier if James from Customer Support knocked this together. Hopefully, he's done a good job and you will be a happy camper. 

WOW, that is a tough question as our clients normally love us a lot and we don't want them to leave us heartbroken. So we trust you will be happy to stay, and yes we will look after you. However, we won't hold you if you want to leave. We just might have to give the team some time off to get over it!

Hey hey hey, there is a limit. First, you want to leave and then you want to take the website! Our founder Tim is a nice bloke but man I think that would push his buttons. This is a subscription service and we do need to make some money to keep the lights on is that fair enough? If you want to just buy a website outright head over to our sister company and you can just purchase a website and host it wherever you like. 

No, this is a subscription service so you are paying for the use of a website not the ownership of one. 

That's a very good question but thankfully enough exciting businesses come to us that really want to succeed and we are able to help them to grow to a point where they convert into one of our full-service agency clients.

Photos are a key part of any website but there are ways of us finding ones that will work for you that have the right licenses etc... 

Ok, let's be frank here there are no free lunches we would go broke if we were to put our professional copywriters onto this job. However, that being said we will ask you some questions during the onboarding survey and it is those questions that our design team will knock together to make the copy for your website. Will it be perfect? - No. Will it work? Heck yes.

However, if you want a professional copywriter to work on your copy there is also an option to purchase that via and add on in the sign-up process. 

It is always good to have a logo. During the checkout process, you will be able to purchase an add on that will get you a logo designed for the price of not much. 

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Come on in, the red carpet is out the champagne is chilled.

Seriously we want you on our team. 

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Born out of our desire to provide a solution for small business owners that works in every way. The Blue Jacket team approached our Founder Tim with this idea and after a brief debate the team won and was launched.

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