At Blue Jacket we worked out very quickly there are multiple ways of arriving at a destination and not all solutions suit everyone.
We are passionate about having a solution that allows people that don't want to layout capital at the start of a web design project have an awesome functional website that stays up to date. We love business but more to the point we love people succeeding in business and when we can empower people to do that through providing an excellent web design solution that is a pay per month solution then that is exactly what our team did.

Remember it is horses for courses if you have a business with 1M or more turnover then head on back over to Blue Jacket.

A couple of words from our



When my team can to me to ask if we could launch this service I thought they were crazy.
After a few healthy debates, they won me over.
So here it is a service for small business owners that want to achieve through a fast functional beautiful website without drowning in unnecessary debt.

Tim Marshall

Managing Director

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We are ready and waiting to welcome you, in fact, James has the gong in hand ready to ring it. 

About Us

Born out of our desire to provide a solution for small business owners that works in every way. The Blue Jacket team approached our Founder Tim with this idea and after a brief debate the team won and 1websitebuilder.com was launched.

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E-mail: help@1websitebuilder.com